Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Resolutions

So, I "kinda" hit my 2016 resolutions. I had a few. To get them down on "paper", here are my 2017 resolutions:

* Weigh myself no more than every other day. This shouldn't be too difficult but it will require some patience if I see my weight going in wrong direction. Sometimes there's a tendency to obsess about the number when in reality it really shouldn't be that important.

* Achieve my step goal 300 days of the year. I probably would have done this last year had it not been for the shingles. I did at least finish 2016 strong by hitting goal 45 days straight.

* 5,000,000 steps in 2017. Again, probably would have hit this had it not been for the shingles. I finished 2016 with 4,872,231.

* At least one "non-walking" exercise per week. This could be biking, playing basketball, resistance training (weights, push-ups, etc). If I can get into some good habits this should come naturally just like the walking.

* Finish 2017 at or below the Trend-Weight I started the year. Now that I've discovered what I believe my "real" weight is I'm using that number. Currently it's 224.5lbs. If I can sustain or lower that number 2+ years after bariatric surgery I'd consider that a major accomplishment. 

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