Thursday, April 23, 2015


That's how many days it's been since I've had a legitimate "First Date". Today I'm supposed to meet someone (a woman) in Lemoore. I'd never even heard of Lemoore until a couple years ago. We'll see how it goes. I usually don't go into a lot of detail (if any) about romantic stuff and I probably won't here. But I think it's important to note that I'm at least back "out there".

As for the dominate subject in my life (my health), it's going well. I'm down to about 325. That's about the best I could have hoped for in the stage of the game. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm trying to focus more on the habits and being happy. I think I could be exercising more and my food isn't "perfect" but overall I'd say I've done well since surgery. Maybe introduced some foods a little early but nothing that's going to cause long term harm. My main focus now is to make sure I don't fall back into the mindless eating late at night. I'm getting cravings and that's not good.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Post Op

Yep, that's me 1 day after surgery. Still big but about 40 pounds lighter than I was a couple months ago. Surprisingly they didn't even weigh me before surgery.

Things are going well. It's been about 60 hours since surgery. I'm feeling about 85% healthy right now. The pain and the nausea has subsided dramatically. The thing that I'm so surprised about is the little amount of fluid I'm able to take in at one time. I need to be really conscious of drinking sips of water throughout the day. For someone with a normal sized stomach if you're feeling thirsty you can just take a big gulp of water. Not so with this surgery. Other than that I don't see a lot of drawbacks. Yes, I won't be able to eat large amounts of food anymore. But that's kind of what I wanted/needed anyway, right?

So, onward and upward. It's hard to believe I finally had the surgery. Now that I have I'm going to live the life I've always wanted. Healthy and happy, one day at a time.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pre-op meeting

Well, yesterday I had my pre-op meetings at the surgeons office and the hospital. Everything went fairly smooth. No big surprises. I wish I had a definite surgery time though. I have to call Sunday night to find out for sure. If you read my previous post you'll see the cost they were going to charge me kept changing. They did keep it at $2,900. Which is about all I could afford so it worked out OK.

Everything is on track for Monday. Got my rides all set up. Even have my best bud coming in Monday afternoon just to hang out for support. That will be cool. And I found out that 4 people donated their PTO to me (3 anonymously) so I will have a full paycheck when I take that 2 weeks off. I'm so touched by this gesture from my co-workers. I didn't know I was so well liked!

Life is pretty good right now. I have a decent job, good friends, and am making healthy changes to my life. I still make the occasional bad decision and act like a douche from time to time but I think that's getting more rare.

Right now I'm just focused on being healthy and happy One Day At A Time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Surgery Cost

Back in September of 2013 I started this process of getting bariatric surgery. At that time my "Out-Of-Pocket" max was $3,500. It stayed that number when open enrollment happened again last August. So, I knew my max I would have to shell out for this surgery was $3,500. I saved, but life happened, and quite honestly I spend a lot of money frivolously the past year. There were so many setbacks in this process many times I thought it wasn't going to happened (I'm less than 5 days away and I'm still not 100% sure it will)

The whole time I've been doing my due diligence with regards to how much it will cost me and how I'll be able to pay.  I was told the hospital would set up payment plans if you come of with, say, half the cost. Well, this POS hospital I was assigned to (San Joaquin 7th day Adventist in Bako) won't. They are just dicks there. On top of that they are so dumb there they've given me 6, (yes, 6!) different amounts to pay.  Here they are:

$0  Two months ago
$2,789  Seven weeks ago
$2,143  Three weeks ago
$3,820  8am this morning
$3,470  1pm this afternoon
$2,900  About an hour ago

What is wrong with our healthcare in this country??? How can they come up with all these different prices? Does the police or fire dept charge you different prices depending on who at the insurance they talk to? Oh, wait, they don't charger you ANYTHING because we have SOCIALIST police and fire depts! And that's how it should be.

I'm done.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

MindPrep HW3

1. Dear Food, We've had quite a run these past 43 years. Most of it hasn't been "good". In the sense that I've abused you and you were a willing partner. All that fast food. The multiple footlongs from Subway. Chicken wings. Pizza. Cake. Cookies. And of course Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Food, you've always "been there" for me when I thought I needed you. When I was feeling lonely or depressed. Or when I was celebrating a birthday or a big win by one of my favorite teams. And everything in between. You were easy and convenient. And legal. Other addictions are harder to come by. But you

Thursday, January 22, 2015

MindPrep HW2

My parents were always overweight, but not super obese. I have a sister who is very obese and another that is overweight. And my brother is normal weight. My grandparents were normal weight as far as I could tell. I personally think genetics have very little to do with my weight.

Culture and Environment:
Growing up we didn't eat a ton of junk for but often times the food wasn't that great for you either. Mostly a typical American diet except that we had white rice at almost every meal. That being said, I was never really heavy until I hit my 20's. Even though I feel I'm well versed about nutrition and exercise I slowly ate out more and more. And sometimes didn't even care at all about how much food I was eating. I created my own culture of excess.

I'm guessing I have a typical metabolism. It's definitely not high, but when I eat right and exercise I do lose weight. I can't eat whatever I want like my brother-in-law. I know my metabolism revs up if I'm doing resistance training and staying away from bad carbs.

Illness and Medications:
I don't think I get ill more often than most people my age. I get the occasional cold or flu but nothing too crazy. I am on many medications. I think I would probably be able to get off all of them if I got down to a more normal weight. Might have to keep the one for gout though since I had those flairs before I became morbidly obese,

I sleep fairly well because I use a CPAP. I do notice when I eat better/less that I'll sleep for longer stretches. If I'm eating a lot of junk, especially before bed then I'll typically wake up after 4-5 hours to use the bathroom. When I'm eating right I'll sleep about 6-7 hours straight. I do feel somewhat tired on most days. I think that's just because of my weight. Even when I get 8-10 hours of sleep I'll often feel a little tired. This is way better than what it was before the CPAP though. Before that I was lethargic all the time.

Personal Behaviors:
Well, obviously, I have a history of not exercising regularly and eating too much of the wrong things. Those behaviors need to change for me to be successful with this weight loss.

Psychological Aspects:
Being overweight can play a heavy role on the psyche. Especially when you are as big as I am. I know that people look at me differently. One guy on the bus actually asked me how heavy I was. Most people are cool about it though. But unless you're my weight you don't really understand everything that a big person goes through. I can't do certain things in life. In general, the opposite sex is not attracted to me. And my self esteem suffers sometimes too. When I lose this weight I will definitely be more confident. It's going to affect so many areas of my life in a positive way.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MindPrep HW1

1. Over the past several years, maybe a decade or more, I've thought about what it would be like to get weight loss surgery. It was basically a pipe dream for me though since I didn't have health insurance. When I did get health insurance in mid-2013 I realized this dream could become a reality. Over time my weight has slowly crept up (with some times of significant weight loss in there too). I was near 400lbs, a weight I thought I'd NEVER see. As I gained weight health problems arose, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, sleep apnea etc. And the daily aches and pains of lugging that weight around. My relationships suffered in that I couldn't do as much "stuff". Active things like I loved doing when I was younger. I currently get cramps at night because of my job. I know this would be alleviated also if I were thinner. This is the perfect time to get this done before my weight gets completely out of control. I'm still relatively young and it's time to take charge of my life so I can get the most out of it now and in the future.

2. Almost everyone in my life has been very supportive. My two best friends Mike and Sean especially. But also my friends at work, acquaintances I see and meet, and other good friends/people I've told about the surgery. When I told my mom about it a few weeks ago she didn't seem to excited about it but I just think she doesn't realize how important it is for someone like me. She wasn't against it. She just emphasized exercising a lot to me. Everyone important in my life I've already told. If I do come across someone who it against it I'll let them know the benefits of it and the success I've seen.

3. I'm excited about this incredible opportunity to have this tool to finally help me get in shape. I'll live longer, feel better and be able to do more with my life. So many aspects of my life will improve as I shed the weight. I'm looking forward to getting off most if not all of my medications. To being able to shop in regular stores for clothes. To be more active and do more fun activities with friends. To be able to do my job better/easier. To feel more confident. To be able to show the world the person that I really am. I'm concerned about the long term eating. I don't want to fall back into bad habits once I lose the weight. So many people gain much of the weight back because they don't stick with their diet and exercise. I'm confident I can do it but I know it will be a day to day challenge.

4. I plan on walking up a flight of stairs and not feeling winded. I plan on taking a trip back to Colorado and exercising at Red Rocks amphitheatre. And going up the 402 steps straight through. I plan on getting on a plane and not making the person next to me uncomfortable and not have to wear a seatbelt extender. I'd like to visit my father in Hawaii and pay my respects to him. It's been too long since I've seen his burial site. I'm going to maintain a weight of LESS THAN 300lbs for the REST OF MY LIFE. There is NO reason I cannot accomplish this goal with this incredible tool I've been blessed with. I plan on becoming a healthier, more confident man and finding a partner in life that shares my lifestyle goals and ambitions.

5. I'm tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. I'm walking more. I'm joining a gym. I'm finding local hiking trails. I'm cutting out sugar from my diet. I'm cutting out soda from my diet. I'm limiting my caffeine intake and cutting out coffee. I'm drinking LOTS of water. I'm letting everyone know about my new lifestyle so they can support me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is IT

Last Thursday was a rough day for me. I found out the woman I (thought) I loved was about to meet another. And earlier in the day was hit with a set of stringent guidelines on what I should and shouldn't be eating to prepare for surgery.

So far I think I've handled both pretty well. I've leaned on some close friends for some good advice (and actually took some of it!) As for the girl, so many emotions have crossed my mind the last week. Ultimately I've accepted and understand what she's doing. Quite honestly, if the roles were reversed I'd probably be doing the same thing. That Sting song that goes "If you love somebody set them free" keeps going through my head. She's a wonderful person and I love her too much to wish anything but happiness towards her. If it's meant to be, we'll end up together. And if I don't there's no doubt I'll find a quality woman in the next few years. Only time will tell what will happen.

And the health stuff kind of dovetails with the female stuff. My two best friends Mike and Sean both pretty much said the same things. "This is a HUGE opportunity for you to change your life FOREVER. Imagine how great your life will be when the pounds come off. You gotta do it anyway so just kick ass and do it. You'll have plenty of chicks to choose from once you can show them who you really are."

It would have been easy for me to revert to my same old habits and go back to eating a bunch of crap. And HOPING I could bullshit my way through this surgery and come out on the other end and change. But I really need to make those changes now. I've been walking everyday and I'm probably going to re-join my gym. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been easy. Cutting my calories by more than have has been crazy (in a good way). But I'm not going to blow this. This really is the opportunity of a lifetime. My life is improving everyday. The results I'll see in the coming months and years will be AMAZING.

Gotta do it ONE DAY AT A TIME