Sunday, February 23, 2014

Disappointment (part 2)

Well, what I was really going to write about the other day was my disappointment in not getting the Accounting Technician job at RTA. Last Thursday when I got the call from Tania that SLO County didn't deem my credit worthy enough I was shattered. I had put so much into getting this position. And then to be offered the job and have it essentially taken away from me really sucked. I even called the County and spoke with the HR lady. She didn't budge.

So, now it's time to move on. There could be other opportunities at RTA coming up. I just have to be ready for them if they arise. And there is so much other stuff for me to focus on right now anyway. Mainly my health. Yes, I know that is a "broken record" for me. But this is different in a significant way. If I do the right things and save enough money, then in 8-9 months I could be having gastric bypass surgery. That would change my life immensely.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


First off, today was Super Bowl Sunday. Broncos vs Seahawks. I thought the Seahawks would win a close one. They won all right. They won 43-8. They scored on the first play of each half. It was a total blowout. If you were a Seattle fan it was probably wonderful. All those poor souls in Denver were crying I'm sure.

I did get to watch the game... Because I was sick. Still am, as I type this.