Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Goals

This whole election season is starting to bum me out so I thought I'd better put down in writing some goals before Donald Trump leads my life down a dark path. All these I will continue/accomplish through Labor Day:

* No unexpected absences from work. If there's legitimate reason, ok, but no more "hooky"

* Log my food on MFP. No calorie limits. Just honest logging. Eating has gotten out of hand lately

* Make appointments to see dentist, optometrist, Dr Talieh

* Pay less attention to election coverage. Yeah, this is kind of vague. But I'm over analyzing EVERYTHING (typical liberal, I know). I need to just chill out and focus on my health, work, relationships, etc. I guess just be happy and try not to let outside factors effect my mood. I mean, if Trump wins it will suck, but the world won't end.