Friday, March 13, 2015

Pre-op meeting

Well, yesterday I had my pre-op meetings at the surgeons office and the hospital. Everything went fairly smooth. No big surprises. I wish I had a definite surgery time though. I have to call Sunday night to find out for sure. If you read my previous post you'll see the cost they were going to charge me kept changing. They did keep it at $2,900. Which is about all I could afford so it worked out OK.

Everything is on track for Monday. Got my rides all set up. Even have my best bud coming in Monday afternoon just to hang out for support. That will be cool. And I found out that 4 people donated their PTO to me (3 anonymously) so I will have a full paycheck when I take that 2 weeks off. I'm so touched by this gesture from my co-workers. I didn't know I was so well liked!

Life is pretty good right now. I have a decent job, good friends, and am making healthy changes to my life. I still make the occasional bad decision and act like a douche from time to time but I think that's getting more rare.

Right now I'm just focused on being healthy and happy One Day At A Time.

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